This is your official site for information regarding your spiritual development and in-depth knowledge to enhance your understanding of, and relationship with the ETERNAL ONE (also known as the GOD of Moses, Abraham, and Israel). This site is reserved only for those who are extremely serious concerning their relationship with their MAKER. If you are serious about not only learning the truth but abiding by it faithfully, you were divinely directed here!

Meeka has had a number of confirming encounters with the ETERNAL ONE and shares her experiences through her teachings, courses, live seminars, and group studies. Her sole desire is to share the truths concerning the MAKER of man in the hope of turning the hearts of men to fear and reverence the ONE who gave them life; according to HIS will. Many are called but few are chosen.

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“These classes are the most biblically enriching classes I have ever taken. I am given the facts of scripture without many opinions and inputs. Now when someone asks me what I believe, like the Apostle Paul says in the Bible, I have the reason backed by scriptural facts concerning what I believe. She gives direct references in scripture letting scripture speak for itself, it's not her opinions. This is her unique teaching style and I love it!”


"It is truly an eye-opening experience to hear Meeka speak. She presents truths in a simple form allowing her listeners to really grasp all that she says. Walking through the scriptures with Meeka in this format has allowed me to understand what the message of the prophets was in that timeframe and the purpose of the Lord for mankind. Studying with Meeka has helped me to see clearly the difference between what's factually written in the Bible and what man has added. She presents you with very thought-provoking life-changing questions. Her desire is truly after the heart; to set your heart in the right place before the Lord and it shows. I could not recommend this more highly for those looking for a beginner or intermediate bible study".


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