Meeka Six is the Founder and CEO of The Truth Seekers, an amazing eye-opening experience into the deeper, unspoken, and often misunderstood truths of the Bible. Meeka credits her unique perspective and understanding of the scriptures due to the direct guidance and instruction of the GOD of Israel (The ETERNAL ONE). She has directly attributed her insightful knowledge, awareness, and scriptural wisdom solely to HIM. Her dynamic teaching style is direct, simple, and clear without compromising the sacred raw truths and facts of the ancient Biblical text.

The Truth Seekers community is centered on an appreciation for the fact-based study of the Bible, void of opinions and personal interpretations that are often laced with misleading personal experiences and emotions. NOT Here! Every belief is scripturally verified. Understanding the way of Truth takes determination and commitment, and most importantly, a loyal heart of truth. If you are seeking answers for the purpose and suffering of life, spiritual growth and development, and seeking to experience a real relationship with your MAKER, then this is one spiritually enlightening journey that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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