Meeka is the Founder and Teacher of Simple Theology. The Author of the Inspiring and deeply thought-provoking books and study courses: The Test, Salvation, and The Better Man. Meeka Six is valued for her unbiased, objective approach in simplifying the basic truths in Theology related studies.

Meeka credits her relationship with the CREATOR and her educational experiences as the source of wisdom needed to assist others in obtaining a meaningful relationship with their MAKER beginning on a path of personal development and spiritual growth. 


 She has impacted the lives of thousands in promoting spiritual growth and awareness; uncovering true contentment and a deeper clearer understanding of the nature of the CREATOR.

Inspirational Life Changing Author, Speaker, & Instructor

Meeka Six


“The Test is one of the most challenging courses I've ever taken. It forces me to face the tough questions about what I believe. She gives direct references in scripture letting scripture speak for itself”

Sarah P. from N.C.

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