Meeka Six is the Founder and Teacher of Simple Theology and has acquired 15+ yrs experience as a devoted student of Theology, Religion, and Spirituality. Meeka has an educational background in Religious study, Psychology, Human Resource Management, and Finance.


However, she strongly believes that while these accolades can provide a measure of contributable knowledge and awareness of the CREATOR, they are not qualifiers for a relationship with the CREATOR. A relationship with the CREATOR starts with a pure heart and a willingness to accept the truth of who HE is as revealed in nature and the ancient scriptures. 


Meeka has a deep passion to learn and walk in integrity and truth to honor the CREATOR. Her mission is to uniquely share the valuable insights and truths learned throughout her journey.


Scripture does not have to be difficult to understand. Join in the journey as she presents in simplicity what is written in the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures regarding the difficult challenges and unanswered questions of life, Christianity, and spiritual truths regarding the GOD of Israel—No more confusion.


Clear. Simple. Truth!

"I write to change the world. May the words from my heart flow into the hearts of the living....to those who value truth and defend it...To Change a heart...To Change a Nation"

Meeka Six


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