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Simple Theology is an online Bible Study School that examines the scriptures based on the original Hebrew and Greek text. The School offers a specific interest and focus on the facts of what is actually written. No assumptions. No personal biases. No biased opinions. It is Clear, Simple, Truth of scripture. We believe Scripture speaks for itself...just like you do!

Simple Theology is for those who are serious about the study of scripture for the purpose of knowing and honoring their MAKER. We handle the difficult questions that are left unanswered or explained away; unraveling the contradictions and inaccuracies pertaining to scripture. We provide answers from a spiritual and practical perspective. Not only are you receiving direct scriptural knowledge and revelational truth regarding your MAKER, but as a student you will be given applicable scriptural insight into your specific circumstances, equipping you with the knowledge and guidance to make honorable decisions that reflect respect and reverence towards the CREATOR.

At Simple Theology you will discover the truth of what the Seminaries don't teach and the issues they commonly explain away with human reason due to a lack of understanding and being void of having a true relationship with the CREATOR.

In scripture it states that HE reveals HIS secrets to HIS prophets (Amos 3:7, KJV) and HIS covenant to those who fear HIM (Psalms 25:14, KJV). It is evident that a relationship with the CREATOR is not based on human intellect, but understanding is given to those who fear HIM.


Simple Theology is for those who take the study and facts of scripture seriously. 


What's Written is Written and cannot be changed nor altered to suit current society or personal agendas.  Simple Theology is for those who Rescpect, Appreciate, and Accept the Facts...and most importantly...they Respect the CREATOR.

Criteria for enrolling at Simple Theology:

  • You respect the CREATOR​

  • Able to accept the Facts and Reality of what is presented before you in life and not one to explain away hard truths 

  • A deep longing to understand your MAKER and what HE expects and requires of you

  • A hunger for the Truth and a desire to have a clear understanding of the deep questions and concepts of scripture that are usually avoided by Leaders of the faith.

  • A longing to be part of a community that truly reverence the CREATOR which is reflected in their actions of obedience and not just words.

If these specific characteristics apply to you, you will certainly benefit greatly from the biblical study and applications provided at Simple Theology. True change and empowerment begins at the start of embracing the Truth.

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We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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