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Christian Masterclass

Interactive Workshop: Education of the fundamentals of Christianity

  • Starts Nov 5
  • 1,000 US dollars
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One who is eager to know the true message of Christ to make a sound decision on becoming a disciple of Jesus, a new Christian convert, or a seasoned professing Christian; Wherever you are in this Christian framework, The CHRISTIAN MASTERCLASS is loaded with absolute truths regarding the purpose, message, and continued work of Jesus within the genuine Christian. * Jesus' True Message in direct accordance with the original Greek text documenting what Jesus has defined the Christian to be and what is required * The Purpose of Jesus' coming; the Spiritual & Physical accomplishments of his Death and Resurrection and how that is applicable to the Christian * Experiencing the Biblically-aligned Born Again experience and the Supernatural encounter every genuine Christian has with the spirit of Jesus * The Visible scripturally noted confirmations of Jesus' indwelling spirit in the Believer; the Gifts & Signs attributable to every true professing Christian. * The distinct perspective of the GOD of Israel concerning the true purpose of the Christian faith and its role in obtaining a genuine interaction with HIM Jesus said, "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me" (Matthew 11:29, KJV). It is indeed a dire responsibility to learn the true message of Jesus and what he requires, not only of those seeking to follow him, but also of those who have already made the decision to follow him, but still hold significant concerns and questions surrounding the Christian faith. If you are a professing Christian who has not yet demonstrated the Biblically-aligned confirmation of Christ's presence, then this course is absolutely for you! This course is designed and structured only for the serious Christian inquiries and professors of the Christian faith who seek to scripturally align and validate their beliefs with verifiable proof of their Christian profession. It is for serious learners seeking to gain an in-depth knowledge of the Christian faith from a fact-based position void of personal emotional influences or persuasions. A Dynamic Spiritually Awakening Course!

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