The True Indwelling Of Christ's Spirit

The True Indwelling Of Christ's Spirit


Recognize and Biblically Confirm the True Indwelling Spirit of Christ as promised to every professing Christian!


About this Event:

You're invited to The True Indwelling Of Christ's Spirit Seminar at the Even Hotel, Tinley Park on Saturday 5th June at 2p.m. The Seminar is designed to:


  • Provide clarity on the foundational Biblical truths of Christian discipleship for those seeking to become a Christian or those misinformed or lacking the Biblical evidence and Supernatural Power of Christ's indwelling spirit.
  • Provide the Biblical Evidence of what the confirmation of Christ's indwelling spirit looks like in the professing believer.
  • Inform those who are seeking by way of Seminary, Christian college, Ministry, etc., to enhance their Biblical knowledge and awareness, in direct alignment to what is factually written in reference to the tenets of Christianity and how it is applicable to modern life.


*The Seminar includes Refreshments and Study Materials.


*Limited Seating! (Reserve Your Seat Now)