• 3 Signs You Are Not A Christian


    There are 2 Billion professing Christians in the world...and yet...it has not changed since the time of Christ. There is still sickness and wickedness beyond measure. Where are those who possess the supernatural power of Jesus? The same power he demonstrated as he walked the earth..the same power demonstrated in his disciples. Where is the evidence of it in modern times?


    What evidence does scripture give to set apart the mere profession of Christianity to the actual demonstration of his power? Is it possible to possess this power? Do you not know, according to scripture, that those who do not possess this power....will not enter into the kingdom of Heaven? Only the true Christians hold this power and is said to enter into the gates of the Kingdom of GOD.


    There are three markers that identify those who have his spirit and walk in his power. Discover it for yourself in this scriptural based study course. No opinions, or assumptions; just simple, clear, truth. 

    Are you a True Believer?

    Don't wait until it's too late. Heed the warning NOW!

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    • 3 Signs You Are Not A Christian

      6 Week Course 



      4 Part Video/Audio Lecture Series 

      Instructor Communication and Support

      In this course we will explore and discover:

      • why most Christians refer to themselves as "forgiven sinners" and if this is scripturally accurate.
      • What it truly means to experience and have the indwelling of the Holy Ghost and how to know the difference from your conscience and his Spirit.
      • You will finally understand according to scripture why most Christians continue to struggle with sinful thoughts 
      • the true meaning of bondage, afflictions, addictions, oppression, and demonic possessions,
      • and if you are experiencing these what they spiritually reveal about you...and this is only the beginning!

      Do Not miss out on this life changing opportunity! Meeka presents scripture in simplicity, clarity, and accuracy of written scripture.

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