Moments Of Truth...

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Moments Of Truth...

Life comes with many adversities and challenges, but it is within these challenges and adversities that the character of man/woman is determined. We can each make declarations of who we are and make promises which we intend to keep, but the Test comes to us all. The circumstances that arise...that call each of us to do what is right and noble as human beings. A mirror for each to behold the light or darkness within our own souls.

You must...You must certainly take a look into this mirror, and understand who you are and acknowledge the truth of what is revealed about the nature of your heart, the very reflection of your soul in the times of adversity and challenge...for it is only then that you will see and become able to make the decision to change and become a better person.

Purity of Soul, it does not come from credentials, nor does it come from accomplishments or vain achievements and titles...for none of this matters at the last breath...but it comes from a place of humility.

And where does that begin?...

At the acknowledgement of the CREATOR of man.

Hmmm, with acknowledgement comes truth.

-Meeka Six

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