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False Professors Of The Faith

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

There are too many individuals who profess to be Christian but are void of the true spirit of Jesus. Individuals who proclaim to be a Christian but do not have the Biblical evidence to justify their claim are not true Biblically defined Christians (Luke 6:46, James 1:22, Matthew 7:22, KJV).

The Evidence Of Biblically-Aligned Freedom

There are too many who are comfortable with simply making the profession to be a “Follower of Christ” and yet do not actually follow him, and when they are called out for it, they are highly offended at the exposure of their hypocrisy (John 3:21–21, KJV).

At some point, everyone will face the reality of death, some sooner than others. While there is still time, humility is necessary to discuss this sacred topic with maturity and kindness in hope of understanding the truth of Jesus’ message and ultimately resulting in honor and integrity towards the GIVER of all life; the ALMIGHTY ONE.

All too often the true state of one's heart is revealed through various interactions, but ignored because of stubbornness, arrogance, and overconfidence in one's emotions vs. the written facts within the scriptures.

Someone asked,

A seasoned "professing" Christian responded by stating,

Does the Bible say that something should happen when you repent? Does the Bible say that you should feel the Holy Spirit within you? If not, then why do you expect those things? It helps to have a clear understanding of what repentance is...To repent is to want to not sin anymore. It doesn’t mean to stop sinning, but to want to stop sinning. Just like how one runs away when they see a pesky relative or friend (who always ask for money when they see you) approaching, a repentant person runs away when they see sin approaching. It doesn’t have anything to do with feeling. You can feel sorry that you sinned but not be repentant. One doesn’t feel the Holy Spirit inside himself. Nothing visible happens when you repent. But God takes note of your repentance. Our Christian walk is by faith, not by feeling. That means, when God says something, we believe it, without proof, and independent of how we feel. That is, even if we don’t feel any difference, and even if we don’t feel that something is true, we believe it because God said it, and we believe that God is not a liar. So when God says that if we repent we are forgiven, we believe it even if we don’t feel anything. So what you need to do is to ignore your feelings and believe. But first make sure that you are truly born again.

Let's take a look at some of the key points that were conveyed to this individual. “To repent is to want to not sin anymore. It doesn’t mean to stop sinning, but to want to stop sinning”

According to the New Testament scriptures, the reason there is nothing felt…he’s not there!

Let me explain…”Where the spirit of the Lord Jesus is, there is liberty/freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17,KJV).

Those who profess to be Christians and still commit sin (even while maintaining repentance), only confirm that they have not experienced the true rebirth spoken of in the New Testament, and thereby do not have the true spirit of Christ. Jesus said that those who sin are in bondage to sin (John 8, KJV). Where his spirit is, bondage is broken! A true Christian is not in bondage to sin! They are free!!

The true Biblical Christian is NOT in a state of "wanting" to stop sinning, they have stopped sinning! If this concept sounds foreign to you as a professing Christian, this is evidence that you have not come into the perfect knowledge of Jesus' purpose, sacrifice, and resurrection.

“The righteous sin not” (2 Corinthians).

To “commit” sin is to carry out an act of sin/disobedience to the Laws and Commandments given by the GOD of Israel. The New Testament states clearly that No sinner will enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

The scriptures state that Jesus kept the Law; the Laws and commandments established by the GOD of Israel. Jesus was a servant to the GOD of Israel; Jesus didn’t serve himself, nor did he worship and pray to himself. Jesus himself stated clearly that the servant is not above his Master, nor he that is sent greater than HE who sent him.

Jesus laid out specific visible, notable Biblical facts concerning the confirmation of his true indwelling spirit. If as a professing Christian you are still “struggling” with the fundamental concept of not sinning and attempting to mimic the true Biblical Christian life, your profession of faith is false!

Consider, “If the son therefore shall make you free, you SHALL BE FREE INDEED” (John 8:36, KJV)

a sinner is NOT FREE!

A sinner may have the “HOPE” to be free but not actually FREE…(there’s a difference).

Jesus never said he will leave you with the “hope” to be free! but that he SHALL SET YOU FREE!

Hope is not the fulfillment of the promise, it is the belief that the promise will be fulfilled.

If you are still committing sin, Jesus DID NOT set you free; you are still in bondage and uninformed regarding the entire purpose of his coming!

At his death the promise was fulfilled; chains broken! DONE!

IT IS a SUPERNATURAL experience that few professing Christians have actually encountered. Being set free from the bondage of sin is a supernatural experience as well as the Biblically aligned rebirth and indwelling of Jesus' spirit! Those who have his spirit are fully aware of his indwelling presence. Those who "deny" this have not experienced this Biblical supernatural power spoken of within the scriptures.

Carefully consider, Jesus made it very clear, "No sinner will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven". He commanded all those who sought to follow him, "Go and sin no more" (A command, not an option!)

Why is this command commonly excused away and shunned by the false professor?

Because they lack Jesus' supernatural power and spirit to make it a reality!

These individuals are often antagonistic towards those who expose their false claims which are demonstrated through immaturity and manners that reflect ill-behaved children, but never a true reflection of Christ's spirit. These are they who give way to their emotions, superstitions, false doctrines, and the demonic influence of deception.

Too many "professing" Christians are emotionally grounded to the Christian faith, but not Biblically grounded. They were emotionally moved to choose Christianity and base their salvation on emotional assurances rather than the scripturally aligned signs and confirmations that Jesus said would be evident in the true Biblical Christian.

If you are interested in delving deeper into this topic prayerfully consider scheduling a consultation with Meeka today!

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