Changing Your Perspective

Updated: Jul 20

Perspective is the way in which we perceive the world around us. The ways in which we regard our life situations determines how we will respond to them. Unfortunately, some of us have developed a negative perspective on life due to its many hardships. If you are willing, you can change your perspective. Changing your perspective can be quite challenging but not impossible. Understanding the purpose behind the change will be a crucial element in the process of transition.

What does Perspective mean?

  • The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance: tried to keep my perspective throughout the crisis.

  • one's mental view of facts, ideas, etc., and their interrelationships: to have a clear perspective of a situation.

  • That which is or can be seen

  • A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.


Think about the current perspective that you hold regarding the CREATOR. Write down the feelings and beliefs you have in reference to the CREATOR and how this belief/perspective have come to shape your life and your decisions/behavior as an individual.

Is it a positive or negative perspective?

Roadmap To Changing your perspective:

  1. Identify the elements that have contributed to your current perspective

  2. Educate yourself regarding your perspective. Be willing to examine the opposing viewpoint as well.

  3. Resolve to accept and acknowledge the facts that are presented before you. Do not explain away hard truths nor allow anyone else to do this to your mind. Accept the Facts/the Truth.

  4. Be grateful that you were given the opportunity to experience life and discover the truth. Everyone has experienced hard times, this is a part of life. However, our experiences do not necessarily validate truths.

  5. Share an invitation for conversation with those individuals who share the perspective of your interest to increase your level of knowledge and this will also aid in your personal growth and development.

  6. Envision the change