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Are You A "Pretend Christian"?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Are you "PRETENDING" to be a Christian?

One who makes the profession but has not manifested the Biblical Evidence to prove it?

Most Americans identify as Christians, as a matter of fact, Christianity is the most prevalent religion in the United States accounting for approximately 70% of the population (close to 240 million professors).


Most of them are convinced that their profession is True!!!

You see, for most professing Christians it is an act of faith..."hope". Their profession involves a strong emotional conviction that their prayer of "hope" will guarantee them Jesus' love and forgiveness, including their everlasting ticket into Heaven. All the while, they continue to struggle with temptations and remain in the bondage of sin, sickness, disease, addictions, oppression, mental torment, etc. not knowing the true presence and supernatural power of Jesus as manifested within the scriptures.

Jesus taught that there will be definitive marks of proof, sure Biblical confirmation, in those who truly have his spirit; otherwise it is just a vain profession grounded on "emotional assurances".

Have you assumed the role of being a Christian without the Biblical evidence to confirm it?

Telling clues that you are not a true Biblical Christian...

Ask yourself,

  • Are you "struggling" to be a Christian? your thoughts and actions?

  • Do you sometimes question if you are in fact a Christian?

  • Do you still have questions concerning the basic fundamental teachings of Jesus regarding the necessity of Baptism and Salvation, Supernatural Power, the Notable evidence of Jesus' spirit, why Christians sin, etc.?

  • Do you still sin as a professing Christian and believe that it is a"common practice" for Christians to do so?

If you've answered yes to any of these, it is a good indication, according to the scriptures, that you are just pretending; you are under the delusion of having the spirit of Christ, when in fact, you do not.

And if you think that it cannot happen to you... that there is absolutely NO Possible Way that you could be deceived in this matter...consider the men in Matthew 7:23, who were confident that they had a relationship with Jesus, only to be shockingly told by Jesus himself, that he never knew them!! He REJECTED them!!


Because they were not truly "Born Again" with his spirit.

Jesus provided notable Biblical confirmations and warnings within the scriptures for every professing Christian to confirm his spirit dwelling within them. No Excuses! He not only disclosed this for their sake but for the sake of the entire body of Christ, to avoid deception within the church; something that has infected the masses!

Every Christian is commanded within the scriptures, by the Spirit of Christ, "Examine yourselves, Test yourselves, and prove if you are truly a Christian. Prove if the spirit of Christ dwells within you".

Where is the Biblically aligned evidence of Christ's you?

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