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How To Stop Sinning!

  • 4Weeks
  • 18Steps
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28-Day Intensive Transformative Program for serious Christian Learners and Claimants, including those who seek clarity on the topic of sin and its effects on humanity, spirituality, and relationship to the GOD of Israel. Learn dynamic disciplines through a combination of 4 Coaching calls and disciplines to sustain a sinless life implementing unique tools to aid in making good decisions that will fulfill the call to Holiness. Tired of being a "Repeat Offender" declaring your "love" and "respect" for GOD, but your actions aren't lining up with your claim? This Program will teach you the life skills you need to get back on track and stay on track fulfilling your sacred vow of loyalty to your CREATOR! Take control and responsibility for your life and start today!

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How To Stop Sinning, $250.00/week


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