Module 1

Learning Objectives:  

  • To understand the meaning and significance of being identified as a Christian

  • To gain a true perspective of the term "sin"

Reading: Chapter I The Definition Of A Christian 

                Chapter II The First Sign

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1. Do you desire to lead a holy and sinless life?

2.Do you believe it's possible to live a sinless/righteous life?

3. What is sin according to the facts of scripture?

4. What is a Christian?

5. If you are a professed Christian, why did you become a Christian? If you are not a Christian, but considering becoming one, why?

6. What separates a Christian from a non-Christian?

7. What does it mean to be righteous?

8. Are you righteous?

9. Is it possible to be a sinner and a saint simultaneously? Why or Why not? (Give scriptural references)

10. According to the facts of scripture, does a sinner love Jesus?

11. Do you love Jesus? (Confirm this based on scripture)

12.Are you a sinner?

13. What did Jesus say would be the fate of sinners (workers of iniquity) in Matthew 7:23, KJV?

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Module 2      

Learning Objective:


  • Clearer understanding of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost and the evidence

Reading: Chapter III The Second Sign (pgs 16-22)



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1. What evidence reveals the indwelling of the Holy Ghost?


2. According to the facts of scripture, who do sinners serve?


3. Does a Christian continue to struggle with sinful thoughts?


4. If the fruit/evidence of the presence of Jesus' spirit is peace, goodness, and self-control, is the abscence of these evidence of the absence of his spirit?


5. Do you believe the power of the devil is greater than the power of Jesus?

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Module 3     

Learning Obejectives: 

  • The true meaning behind afflictions, oppression, and demonic possession

  • The presence of Christ

Reading: Chapter IV The Third Sign (pgs 23-37)


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1. Is disease a form of bondage?


2.Is a person, suffering from depression, at peace, happy, or in a state of mental distress? Is this freedom?


3. "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty/freedom" Do you believe this?


4. Are you in any form of bondage?


5. Which one of these do you experience:

  • Addiction (mental or physical)

  • evil tendencies (choosing what you know is wrong)

  • sexual perversion (anything considered as societally taboo)

  • physical disability 

  • "bad" thoughts

  • anger/short tempered

  • foul language

  • lack of self-control 

  • Defiant of the rules/authority/order

  • alcoholism 

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • sucicidal

  • mental anguish

  • insomnia

  • opression

  • other


6. Have you prayed for deliverance?

7. Have other Christians prayed for your deliverance?

8. Do you believe that a Christian can be demonically possessed? (confirm your belief with a scriptural reference)

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Module 4     

Learning Objective:

  • Identifying if you are truly a Christian

Reading: Chapter V The Evidence Of Prayer

                Chapter VI Putting It All In Perspective

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1. Do you believe the power of the devil is greater than the power of Jesus?

2.Do you truly believe the words that Jesus spoke were true?

3. Do you believe Jesus was a liar?

4.Do you believe it was true when he said in scripture, "Whatever you ask for according to your will (whatever you will), I WILL DO IT, for the glory of the Father in Heaven" (John 15:7, KJV)?

5. Did you take the Christian challenge and lay your hands on a terminally ill child and witness their miraculous recovery within the hour, without medical intervention? Why or why not?

6. According to the facts of scripture are you truly a Christian?

7. Do you sincerely want to know and have a relationship with your CREATOR?

Video Lesson 4

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